Get Inspired

SEAL’s ODYSSEY Tour is an engaging story telling event that will challenge you to look at your life experiences and embrace the good and bad and recognize those who have had helped you along the way.  It is about Life’s defining moments where one’s action can lead to life or death, success or failures.  It is to challenge you to take actions greater than yourself.


The Spark

Over the last two years, Marc Longergan-Hertel embarked on memorializing his experiences and pay tribute to those he owes the most to by writing and releasing two books, SIERRA TWO and ANGELS OF BAGHDAD. These books are the launch pad for the Tour to have wide positive impact on every day people.


Former Navy SEAL and lifelong adventurer Marc Lonergan-Hertel thinks his latest mission is to be a sniper in the jungles of South America—but he finds that’s merely a stepping-stone to his true purpose in life of protecting the vulnerable people he encounters when operating alone and in dangerous places.

.…a large wave buries the bow of Seamaster and I am exhaling bubbles into the ocean as I try to call for help. And then I am hit with a distinct sensation—I can no longer breathe…

This and other incredible adventures are shared in SIERRA TWO, the true story of one man’s literal and metaphysical journeys. In the end, it’s a story about about embarking on a mission greater than oneself—a journey of finding the value in your life and of the responsibilities of following your true life’s path as a protector of others, no matter what the cost.

On a river code named SIERRA TWO, Marc Lonergan-Hertel is seriously wounded after he loses his jungle guide to a violent death in the “lost world” of the Amazon. At his lowest moment of scouting a three thousand-mile journey for a National Geographic television show in one of the last remaining biosphere reserves in the Guiana Shield, he is befriended by a lost indigenous child and an old shaman from an ancient tribe. In an act that seems like repayment for his earlier sacrifices in the cities and slums of Brazil, the shaman saves his life and gives Marc an ominous warning—death will follow the former SEAL through the steaming jungles. It will take everything Marc has learned in his life to keep himself and others alive.

Travel with Marc Lonergan-Hertel on his extraordinary adventures and real-world odyssey to make a difference in this world—one life at a time.